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Digital age opened up incredible opportunities for the development and distribution of the classical music.  Immense amount of musical information, historical and modern recordings, biographies, concert   and  educational materials had become easily accessible. Unprecedentent opportunities to expand.


But, paradoxically, the things have gone in opposite direction. People’s interest in classical music has diminished. The idea of crisis, or even death, of classical music came into use. Recent years see especially active debates on the subject in professional circles. Steadily declining audiences, bankruptcy of orchestras,  shutting down of magazines and radio channels, abolition of children’s musical education, government funding cuts, personal disposable income decrease  and dwindling prospects of employment of classical musicians – all this is actively discussed today both publically and privately.


However, the troubles of classical music are not exclusive. Other music genres, as well as other artforms like literature, drama, visual arts meet similar difficulties. Chirches also report about decline of attendance.


This means that the matters should be approached in a broader context – what happens to a person in a digital world, how does technology impact human mind, habits and lifestyle. 


In this blog, I would like to follow the events happening inside and outside classical music putting them in the context of digital demographics. This perspective couldn't be avoided in principle as one day all our audience will consist of nobody but digitals.


Feel free to share you remarks and opinions.

Violinist deeply rooted in classical tradition and concerned about the future of the genre >> more about the author 

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