Who is playing?

24 Dec 2016

As Christmas is a season of wonder, I would like to suggest a kind of surprise – some violin recordings most are barely familiar with. They were made more than a hundred years ago, and are among the earliest recordings of violin sound ever.


Since only the wax cylinders were available in those days, the quality of recordings is awfully low (wax is extremely unreliable stuff). Still, one can retrieve a lot of curious things from of them.


Technical notes. I got these historical artefacts from a collector, a friend of mine on the internet, with a consent to publish only small parts of them. Below, you will find my compilation of three very short fragments, 2 minutes in total, placed in a row and divided by gaps, without any data on them.


So, my Christmas question is  - who is (are) the player(s)?


Is the violinist a professional? What can be said about his/her technical skills, intonation, art taste and so on?


Here we go. Feel free to share your thoughts.



For those particularly curious, more about wax cylinders and phonographs - Antique Phonograph Society.


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